Saturday, May 19, 2012

And the verdict is....

I feel that this is the best way to share with everyone at the same time. It took me a while to post because I wanted to talk to family first! But I was able to share in the excitement with some of my really great friends, and am so thankful to have such amazing support!!! Yes this was done whilst celebrating with wine, so I apologize for any silliness that might appear ;) JK, it was perfect. Except my camera ran out of memory... and it got shut off about half way through. So here's just a little bit of my future!

Without further adieu:
(Fast forward at least a minute to miss most of the clatter of trying to start off and the silliness)

It got cut off... I'll explain more later, but here's another minute:

All I have time for at the moment- gotta hit the road for a 6 hour drive!!!

Cheers, friends, and thanks for all of the support & kind words!! This is going to be extremely difficult to do, but I know I've got so much love coming from back home and around the world.

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